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Brawlio Elias

   Emerges with a sophisticated look at the gritty life of a border town.  Mass Marketing and media was part of his upbringing, at age 8 he won his first State wide drawing competition of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”.  Participating in various artistic platforms throughout his childhood made him a versatile creator at a young age. Experience from Art Installation to Video manipulation as well as art performances Brawlio Elias core studies have been in photography and film. 

   He currently resides in San Francisco California, where much of his work has been exhibited in various galleries and venues throughout the State.  Currently he functions as an independent branding and marketing consultant, assisting local business owners with most aspects of their visual communication.  Collaborations as an art director for magazines as well as creative direction for emerging fashion designers and independent film productions, has granted him the experience and the vision to execute just about anything in a unique way.